Developing your business strategy

1. Challenge

Passengers are now better informed and more empowered then ever, as the internet has made searching for travel and comparing between options easier than ever. You must know concerning casino aus. As a result, many travellers have access to greater choice and are willing and able to arrange their travel independently. This changing passenger behaviour with regard to airports choice, was a concern for an airline client with its home base on an airport with mainly transfer passengers.

2. Added value of Airborne Consulting

The increasing competition between airlines aggressively strengthen the airports airside passenger transfer offerings. The client asked us how to compete in this business and what the opportunities are to become the driver of a high performance passenger transfer process. We delivered a vision document which aims to manage end to end process metrics such as the number of missed connections and transfer duration per transfer passenger. The document envisioned the following two areas:

– Intensify the relationship with the airport such as connecting with security and immigration (via service level agreements) and getting an agreement on a uniform gate layout

– Improve the airline’s internal organisation and its processes such as providing better information to employees and transfer passengers and automation of the back office

Year 2007

Client Industry Airline

Project categories: BPM, E-Tailing, Strategy

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