Your online retail shop

1. Challenge

As we see, the power shift away from retailers to customers. In the early day of retail, the producers had the most say about production and prices. Find out full details beneath casino aus. Overtime, the web brought more information and transparency in the form of review websites, price check apps and social media. As a result, shoppers have more control in what to purchase and where to buy it from, leaving retailers with the challenge of vying for consumer attention.


2. Added value of Airborne Consulting

The client asked us think along on how to increase customer’s attention, combined with a boost in its inflight sales & revenue. We helped the client realising this by:

– Redesigning the online purchase processes and integrating the webshop with the client’s warehouse management system. The client realised a more efficient internal process that led to cost reductions and a quicker response to the needs of the customer

– Realising omnichannel possibilities such as ordering online with onboard delivery. In this way, the client is better connected with the customer via different touch points

– Introducing concepts that suits the customers’ needs. Offering a platform where the consumer can buy a gift for their loved ones, friends and/or relatives onboard via social media channels, increased attention of the client’s webshop

– Reinventing its loyalty program by offering the possibility to pay with your loyalty miles to buy a product online. The client gained better insight in the purchase behaviour of the customer



Year 2013

Client Industry Airline

Project categories: BPM, E-Tailing, Project Management

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