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Airborne Consulting is the company that helps international airlines achieve high performance business and become innovative leaders in their market. Together with our business partners, we realise sustainable business improvement and ensure airlines are equipped with the latest technology to support their market position in the airline industry.

Airborne Consulting offers a broad spectrum of consulting services and is a first mover in implementing the latest technology in the airline industry.


Project management

Airborne Consulting helps you to plan and control your projects to achieve the required results

Change Management

Airborne Consulting enables you to transition individuals, teams and organizations to a desired future state

Strategic Management

Airborne Consulting helps specifying and formulating your major goals and provides overall direction to your organization

Business Process Management

Airborne Consulting makes your organization’s workflow more efficient, effective and capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment



Wearable technology has generated significant attention over the past year and the sector is shifting from external wearables (e.g. wristbands) to ‘body-adapted’ electronics that further push the ever-shifting boundary between humans and technology. Airborne Consulting follows the latest emerging technology and can help you to become a first mover in the airline world

Predictive Analytics

Smartphones contain a rich record of people’s activities, including who they know (contact lists), who they talk to (calls logs), where they go (GPS) and what they do (apps we use). By using this data, Airborne Consulting is able to build detailed and predictive models about people and their behaviours to help you with creating insight in personal needs of customer groups


As the smartphone market grows, so do the apps. Airborne Consulting helps you to identify mobile app trends, in-app advertising and innovative use of mobile app technology to get you up to speed with your handheld device and its potential


The internet and its users are changing rapidly – how to keep up the pace and how to enhance your competitive advantage? Airborne Consulting can help you with increasing the sale of goods and services through the internet (E-tailing)

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Our latest project “eShop”

The integrated shop and payment solution onboard

Always wanted to have the complete solution onboard where your cabin crew can do sales and pay with an all-in-one device? Take a look at our latest project


Our best works

Take a look into our ‘Portfolio’ for detailed project descriptions

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